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Partech Shaker


    Gathering Partech Ventures' network to enable global success stories in Digital Economy.

What is the Partech Shaker ?

  • Help the most promising digital startups "cross the chasm",
    from Seed to Series A.

  • Help leading international companies work on today’s hot topics with tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Develop and promote European Tech, in sync with our Silicon Valley partners.

The place

The Partech Shaker is a nine-story building in central Paris designed for startups & international brands.

  • You’re a non-French startup

    « Europe Made Easy » helps foreign tech businesses enter the European market offering the best work environment, a powerful business ecosystem and a network of reliable experts to avoid common pitfalls and reduce time to market.

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  • You're a French startup !

    Stay in the best startup offices in Paris, have an intimate interaction with global established companies & global startups. Not an incubation or acceleration programme but VIP treatment to attract & retain your employees & clients.

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  • You’re an established company

    Accelerate your digital transformation and build new business lines. We offer open innovation opportunities with the most promising startups of the global Tech scene, office space to accelerate innovation projects, a place to host your events in a though-after venue & more.

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The Partech Shaker is a nine-story building in central Paris designed for startups & international brands.

  • « The Partech Shaker has far exceeded my expectations of a coworking space. »
    Matt Thorne Head of IT, Pinterest
  • « The Shaker is THE perfect place to grow in Paris. »
    Arthur Waller CEO, PriceMatch
  • « A place to have your team work in the best conditions »
    Sarah Besnaïnou Co-founder, Kartable
  • « The Shaker is a unique space where both startups & corporates feel home" and where they can talk to each others with ease. »
    Maroiane Naami Innovation Associate, BNP Paribas
  • « The Partech Shaker gave us the opportunity to sign clients amongst the other tenants thanks to the networking events organised there. »
    Philippe Gelis CEO & Founder, Kantox