Ecosystem Jan 29, 2018

We interviewed Vincent Pineau, co-founder of Influans, and Olivier Guyomard, co-founder of LineUP7, about their collaboration that started when both startups were residents at the Partech Shaker.


1. First, can you please each quickly describe your company’s mission and kind of clients?

Olivier Guyomard, LineUP7: “LineUP7 is a technology marketing agency. which collects and customizes data to service new marketing challenges. ’Convergence’ is a keyword that might best describe LineUP7 – an integration of data jobs, tech and marketing, CRM and digital, tech and creativity, to name just a few of our domains. In short, we are interested in anything and everything that helps advertisers develop more highly performing and personally tailored marketing strategies and brand experiences. We work with advertisers of all sectors: retail (Kiabi), cosmetics (Bioderma, L’Oréal, Clarins), services (Française des Jeux, Transilien), etc.”

Vincent Pineau, Influans: “Our mission is to give Marketers the means to elevate the performance level of their direct marketing campaigns to new highs heights. We developed a data-powered SaaS offering, that is easy and quick to setup, can be intuitively operated by any marketer -working for a brand or an agency - to enable true & efficient personalization and that keeps tuning itself one campaign after the other. While the value of our platform is obvious for companies that handle a large number of transactions/customers, we believe that ultimately, any & all companies ought to embark upon the Ultra Personalization train and will greatly benefit from it.”


2. Who first got in touch with the other? Who made the first step? What was the initial objective?

Olivier Guyomard, LineUP7: “We are always on the lookout for new partners in marketing innovation and it was natural to search first among our neighbors at the Partech Shaker. Influans' offer on hyper-segmentation immediately made sense compared to our global value proposition and the positioning of our other partners (Adobe, Selligent, Serenytics, Eulerian).”

Vincent Pineau, Influans: “I believe we did (Olivier? ????) but every time we bumped into each other at the Shaker, we’d say “We need to sit down and discuss !” We knew LineUP7 had highly skilled individuals that help companies put the right process and methods in place, in order to optimize the quality and performance of their direct marketing. It felt very natural to discuss the perspective of having their team leverage our product.”


3. Olivier, can you please explain how integrating Influans service promotes/supports LineUP7’s strategy?

Olivier Guyomard, LineUP7: “Today, everybody tries to create a brand experience that is customized to the individual’s needs as much as possible. But this remains very difficult. LineUP7 developed some components to reach that goal, like increasing client’s knowledge via convergence of CRM and digital data or the implementation of data/techno platforms to collect and activate those data in an omnicanal method. But we missed a tool to answer our need of hyper segmentation. Influans is the only component we missed between the data collection and its activation in order to optimize targeting and messages of our animation plans.”


4. Vincent, what kind of value does LineUP7 bring in terms of business development and maybe in terms of tech as well?

"Influans and LineUP7 share the same conviction with regards to the direction of marketing: satisfying the need for better performance and, even more importantly, addressing the demand of the consumer for a more relevant engagement with the brands. The switch from mass marketing to ultra-personalization will happen. It is important to note that ultra-personalization is very demanding from a technology standpoint and it can only work through to the incredible evolution of the technologies over the past… 5, maybe 10 years. Coming back to our cooperation, we exposed our platform to LineUP7 early in the development cycle to gather feedback and continue to do so regularly. This is always very insightful and today we are confident that we have the technology part well under control. ???? Having said that, it is critical to be able to help companies manage changes in marketing for the shift to happen. This is, in my perspective THE area where LineUP7’s expertise is critical."


5. What did the collaboration bring that you didn’t expect at first?

Olivier Guyomard, LineUP7: “The first pilots showed results that surpassed our hopes and the uplift generated on sales was beyond those of our client. Influans offer is a key component in the ecosystem we implemented."

Vincent Pineau, Influans: “Frankly, the collaboration is as straightforward and rewarding as one could expect in a good business partnership. We are marching towards a common goal and are starting to see opportunities to widen the scope of our relationship as we go. That’s the sign of a healthy, strong partnership that is expected to grow significantly over the years.”
Thank you, Olivier and Vincent, for your time! We hope that you’ll continue to reap the fruits of this beneficial collaboration!


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