Ecosystem Jun 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has proven to even the most stable of businesses that adapting to the climate around you is essential for the resilience of a company. Many start-ups are contemplating the value of office space, with the ‘new normal’ encouraging remote work rather than in-office collaboration, causing spaces such as the Partech Shaker to reevaluate their offer.  

At the Partech Shaker we are no stranger to the necessity of adaptation, and as such we have rethought our offer.  With 90% of start-ups within the Partech portfolio admitting to being in the process of reevaluating their office strategy, now is the time to act. Through offering more flexibility to employees, the Partech Shaker is encouraging start-ups to enter this period of ‘new-normal’ rapidly and with ease. 

Our offer is evolving with private offices ranging between 4 to 19 workstations with the possibility of renting up to 80 without commitment and with services included, flexible passes for employees working remotely who can visit the Partech Shaker whenever they want. It is possible to increase, decrease, or terminate  contracts from one quarter to the next, and we also offer privatizable spaces for team events or press/customer/shareholder events (such as the rooftop terrace that offers a 360° view of Paris). All this while being located in the heart of Le Sentier in a historic building (former HQ of Figaro), and with a price that is up to 40% cheaper than market standards.  

The Partech Shaker has not shut its doors, we have just had to adapt our offers to our residents, some of whom continued to work at our site during the months of the lockdown,” explains Sarah Huet, General Manager of The Partech Shaker, “in terms of business and the hygienic conditions of the workspaces, we had to react quickly and effectively. To do this, once all the measures concerning the sanitation of the offices had been taken care off, the Partech Shaker has shown flexibility regarding its residents, in particular concerning rental payment deadlines. We lost a few prospective clients, but very quickly, thanks to discussions with founders of various start-ups, we were able to anticipate the trend. Offices are at the center of all cost-cutting discussions, and the crisis has brought real awareness to the cost of offices for a startup.” 

The Partech Shaker is now offering both Remote and Virtual Office packages to those start-ups considering changing more significantly to suit the current times: 

> The Remote offer includes complementary badges for remote employees occasionally working in the office. 

> The Virtual Office offer is for full remote start-ups.

More info coming soon! Do not hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear your feedback 😀


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