Events May 12, 2016

On April 19th 2016 Partech Shaker hosted an event on how to improve the evangelization of your solution and find new sustainable clients every month. Ariel Rozenblum, co-founder of MOON, has designed a lab which brings a temporary, additional salesforce for start-ups to improve their go-to-market and sales cycle and to reach their turnover objectives. Thanks to his experience with B2B & B2C companies of all sizes, Ariel shared his expertise in targeting and prospecting, and answered practical sales issues.


Start-ups’ go-to-market and sales cycle takes time and workforce. The problem is that sales prospecting is not always successful, no matter how motivated you are.

Based on his own experience, Ariel Rozenblum noted 3 main factors that prevent a start-up from achieving a successful go-to-market strategy. First, start-ups tend not to target the right audience. Therefore, whether it be via email or telephone, return rate of meetings prospection is low. Second, prospection usually does not lead to high-quality meetings. The prospects you take time to meet are not interested in what you are offering and are not going to sign a contract with you. Third, the closure deadlines are too long. Whether it be a big company, an SME or a start-up, the period from the first contact to signature of the contract lasts more than 3 months for a mission that is paid less than 10 000 euros.

Start-ups need to reconsider what their objectives are. A well thought out prospection strategy is supposed to make you gain a recurring positive turnover. To do so, start-ups should meet the right people while expanding their networks by prospecting new targets. This strategy would enable start-ups to meet qualified prospects and therefore shorten the sales cycle as they would be more willing to sign a contract.

The execution process

Ariel Rozenblum’s vision of the execution process consists in 5 steps that go from establishing the strategy to the meeting. First of all, you have to determine who is your target according to your needs and your commercial objectives. Then you write down a list of qualified prospects through several channels that fit the selection criteria. Your angle of approach should be thought carefully. You have to hear what your targets need in order to offer them an added-value solution that corresponds to their urge. Finally, once the presentation is adapted to the client’s requirements, it is time to set up a meeting with the project managers along with the decision makers of the prospective company so as to shorten the deadlines.

Marketing tools are at your disposal to define an efficient strategy. For instance, start-ups should be provided with a Customer Relationship Management in order to target the right people and convert prospects into customers.

Ariel Rozemblum’s last piece of advise to anyone who wishes to launch his start-up and start a go-to-market strategy is confidence. As an entrepreneur, you should always believe in your ideas and give free rein to your emotions. Two words : trust yourself.


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