Events Mar 06, 2019

The Partech Shaker hosted Meryem Mahfoud and Maryem Triqui, from the Fabernovel creative agency, to discuss the importance of a well-crafted brand experience, down to the last detail. Based on concrete examples, they provided best practices to improve your own marketing strategy.

We are surrounded by great brands putting strong focus on detail. Their attention to detail concerns not only their products, but every aspect of customer touch points. Standards are very high, and brands make sure that they work on each and every customer touch point detail to deliver a unique experience to the user and ensure he comes back. Amazon, Google, Instagram, Oscar, Netflix… in our highly digital world, all brands have a strong personality.


=> In practice, what is a successful brand experience?

It is built on two pillars:
1) A good product: it must be simple (clearly understandable by your audience), efficient (your user must be able to get the most relevant answer as quickly as possible) and personalized (to get closer to your audience)
2) A brand that reflects your product’s personality: this is fundamental. Why should I need branding if my product is revolutionary? Well, you do, because there is a lot of competition and brand preference is harder to copy than your product. Brand preference is something that you can’t duplicate: this is what makes a customer prefer X over Y. It could be a feature than Y hasn’t, but soon Y will copy this feature.


=> How do I build my brand?

To build your brand, you need to clearly define:

- Your brand positioning: clear and in line with your targets’ expectations;
- Your visual identity: specific, personifying your positioning;
- Your tone: defining how your brand will interact with your target.


=> Next challenge: keeping your brand alive

Let’s see how you can shift from a static to a dynamic brand and ensure that your clients come back: this is what we call “brand experience”. There are a galaxy of customer touch points around your brand, each representing an opportunity to deliver a great user experience: SMS, Instagram, Newsletter, Web, SEO, advertising display…. You can be everywhere but what you need is to clearly identify the most relevant touch point for your targeted audience. To do so, you need to:

1- Choose your touch points well: it is important not to be everywhere but also not to neglect a good touch point!
2- Inject your personality into your channels: for consumers to identify and remember you, you need to express your personality in every little detail of your touch points. Let’s take the example of Popchef (freshly-cooked delivery meals): they put a fun and clever message on their packaging;
3- Build an emotional bond with your target: this emotional bond is the essence of brand experience. It is what will make your customer come back to your brand. Let’s take a closer look at Netflix, one of the brands with the strongest customer buzz in 2018. Netflix uses features such as “See what’s next” or “Next show suggestion” when you have finished watching a film or a series. This good timing makes you want to continue the experience.


=> A key challenge: a small brand with limited budget, how can I succeed?
You don’t have the same financial resources as Netflix, but you can get similar results by focusing on the finest details! Small details bring huge emotions: this is our mantra. Less is more.


Let’s look at some examples of brands we have worked with.

- BACK MARKET: this French startup buys reconditioned (rather than new) high-tech products from its customers, to reduce the environmental impact of our waste. While most order confirmation emails are standardized, Back Market surprises it’s clients with smart and funny order confirmation emails. They manage to create a special bond with the receiver thanks to their unique tone that makes the customer feel special. To illustrate their fight against programmed product obsolescence, we used the image of a burning candle. This pretty and surprising metaphor touched their clients. Note that both actions only require a low budget.

- SEASONLY: this French brand sells facial skin care products which are 100 % vegan and personalized. Their way of creating a special bond and a great user experience is to focus on hyper-personalization. How do they do this? By putting small personal details on their products, such as printing the customer’s name on the product they have ordered.
- AMAZON: they responded to customer frustration over excessive packaging by offering their customers the option to choose Frustration-Free packaging, which is recyclable and contains no excess packaging material.


Practical case: ROMY from A to Z, the tailor-made cosmetic experience

ROMY is a facial skin care brand, whose treatments are freshly formulated on demand. They are a beauty-tech brand, offering customers the opportunity to create tailor-made treatments based on unique and innovative technology. Fabernovel developed an exclusive marketing approach for Romy. We created a “Declaration of skin rights”, a manifesto to make the Romy brand stand out. In addition, they decided to focus on real facial visuals, rather than standardized and smoothed images. They also reshaped every single brand touch point and, to ensure a coherent brand experience, worked on the messaging across the entire customer interaction value chain. This included store layout and customer service. The ultimate aim being to reflect the brand personality in every channel, to fully anchor the message.



Conclusion: now it’s your turn to build a successful brand experience!
1- Create your speech, your character, your personality.
2- Bring your personality to life: choose the correct priority touch points on which you are going to meet your target and try to seduce them.
3- Try to spice up your relationship, to make your target want to come back.


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