Ecosystem Feb 09, 2016

Breaz, a Partech Shaker-based company that connects the best tech & sales talent with local companies has been acquired by the US player Hired. Breaz’s four co-founders - Edouard Rosenblum, Corentin Guillemard, Antoine Garnier Castellane et Jean-Loup Karst - will join Hired and continue to grow the company in Europe from the Partech Shaker. Breaz's robust customer and candidate base will enable Hired to continue scaling its presence across Europe.

Breaz was founded in 2014 to provide an alternative to the traditional recruiting process. Over the past 18 months, they have helped startups (BlaBlaCar, Alkemics, Algolia...) & established companies to hire top talent, while giving developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers & product managers a better way to discover their next career opportunity.

Breaz gathers more than 600 clients, doubled revenue every quarter in 2015 and placed at least one candidate per day in Q4 of last year. A well-deserved Congrats to the whole team!

Marie Raichvarg, Partech Shaker: You’ve arrived at the Partech Shaker only a few weeks ago, do you already work with startups from the ecosystem ?

Edouard Rosenblum, Breaz: Yes! A couple of startups of the Partech Shaker are using breaz! It's funny as one of them has its office next to ours!

MR: France looks like the place to grow for US startups at the moment, can you share what you think these players are looking for in Paris ?

ER: France is well known for its entrepreneurship spirit and great talents in the tech industry. We have seen a lot of American-based companies create their Tech HQ in France on our platform.

MR: Any tip for our corporate partners to attract & retain the best tech talents ?

ER: Define precisely what you need. Have a clear hiring process from sourcing to closing. Give transparency on the vision & strategy of your company.

If you need tech talent, UX/UI designers or digital-minded staff, knock on their door, the team is located on the 3rd floor of the Partech Shaker!