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Partech Shaker

Welcome to Paris !

  • Paris, a very-well connected location to target the European market
  • 75 minutes to London, 100 minutes to Berlin
  • Great infrastructure in terms of speed of internet connection (optic fiber)
  • 1st European city for the number of Fortune 500’s HQ
  • 1st European country for Innovation (Thomson’s State of Innovation 2015)
  • FrenchTech scene, more vibrant than ever with + 12000 startups
  • The best engineers & developpers, cheaper and with less turnover
  • Tax reductions available for R&D activities
  • France has Med Sea, Ocean, Ski resorts, Mickey, Paris, Champagne, wine, beautiful food and more.
They did it :

Land at the Partech Shaker !

A powerful ecosystem

  • Designed by a leading European tech investment fund : we know the business here !
  • Best of the French Tech scene including entrepreneurs, VCs, digital business experts & leading schools and universities
  • A privileged access to a number of major corporate players
  • HR partners to grow your team
  • Tech & food perks
  • Access to educational & networking events
  • Advice on all legal, administrative, accounting & banking topics upon arrival through our network of partners.

They did it & work from the Partech Shaker

Among the tech companies who have trusted Partech Shaker to open their operations in France (or Europe) are: Dropbox, Hired, HotelTonight, Influans, Kantox, Liftoff, Made.com, Pinterest, PriceMatch (acquired by Booking.com), Tribe, Zify…

  • « The Partech Shaker startup campus and ‘Europe Made Easy’ support program are helping us rapidly scale our business, hire top employees, and sell to major corporates across Europe. »
    Matthew Commons CEO, Cambridge Blockchain
  • « The Partech Shaker has far exceeded my expectations of a coworking space »
    Matt Thorne Head of IT, Pinterest
  • « Partech Shaker has proved to be a great environment to host our French office. Not only has it provided us access to a broad range of like-minded companies and individuals, but the understanding and flexibility the Partech team can provide companies like HotelTonight at different stages of growth cannot be understated. »
    Amir Segall VP International, HotelTonight
  • « Liftoff is opening a machine learning R&D office in Paris to tap into the great French engineering talent. The Partech Shaker has proven ideal for both deep work and high-bandwidth communication with worldwide offices. Their team is always helpful and have been effectively assisting our hiring efforts in Paris. »
    John Whitbeck Tech Lead, Liftoff
  • « The Partech Shaker team has a true understanding of startups’ needs and stakes, which enables them to help on a variety of topics related to growth management. »
    Ricardo de Aldama Co-founder, Miuros
  • « I arrived at Partech Shaker through Techstars Paris. I loved the location and the international atmosphere. I built the French team from here and decided to register my Indian company in France to conquer the European market. »
    Anurag Rathor Founder, Zify
  • « France has the best engineers and there is more loyalty for talents here than in the US. For these reasons, Paris has become the best place in Europe to work on your product. At the Partech Shaker, we benefit from a great work environment which helps Influans for building disruption with our technology, develop a strong company culture and retain key talents. »
    Bertrand Diard Co-founder, Talend and Influans

Top-of-the-range offices in the heart of Paris

  • 3rd Best Place To Work 2016
  • 24/7 access to your office-as-a-service
  • Latest IT infrastructure and network
  • Opportunity to host prestigious business events, offering a 360-degree view of Paris to your guests from our rooftop
  • The Partech Shaker is not reserved for startups backed by Partech: startups, feel free to apply!

A place for growth & success

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