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Partech Shaker

Jul 05 9:00 am - 10:00 am Cloud 9 invitation-only AVA

AVA : Press Conference

We are pleased to host the Press Conference of AVA.

Ava is a 24/7 personal mobile captioner, making group conversations the delightful experience it should be.
Using unique advanced speech & mobile technologies, Ava as an app enables you to see who says what around you, in seconds.

She swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and they do the rest.

Ava is breaking communications barriers between the deaf & the hearing world.
Join them on ava.me and you too, start communicating beyond barriers.

By invitation only




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