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Partech Shaker

Jan 10 09.30 AM Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Build and develop your marketplace

With Olivier Godement, Stripe

Since 2014, one out of 3 startups created in France is a marketplace. Transport, food, services to individuals... the development of this new mode of consumption affects all sectors, one after the other. Stripe, as payment partner of the most innovative startups in the world (Deliveroo, Kickstarter, Drivy, Heetch, Instacart ...), closely observes the competitive strategies and advantages developed by the leaders of each sector. And if the "request" side (product, design, marketing) is an obvious part of their success, the "offer" and the experience of the merchants (sellers, delivery men, restaurants, project leaders, ...) on the platform is without doubt what makes the difference between a good and an excellent product. During this workshop, Olivier Godement will present tips and concrete examples to improve the user experience on a platform for both consumers and merchants. Olivier will first discuss the tactics adopted in the early years of the marketplace (e.g., launch when a critical mass is reached) when non-scalable initiatives to quickly establish a quality offer are adopted. He will then present the strategies put in place during development (post-critical mass) to extend its leadership, maintain a supply / demand balance and expand abroad.


Olivier Godement is in charge of operations and development of Stripe with startups in France and Southern Europe. Before joining Stripe in 2014, he created SparkUp, one of the first French crowdfunding platforms for companies.
Stripe is the platform for startups and technology companies to monetize their business and develop their business online. Stripe has over 100,000 customers, including the most innovative companies in recent years (Deliveroo, Drivy, Kickstarter, ...).


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