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Partech Shaker

Jan 19 09:30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Coaching in Businesses: Why, What, and How with CoachHub

Everyone needs professional guidance to aid their development, no matter their level of seniority. With remote working becoming the norm since March 2020, employees need the increase in personalized digital solutions that they deserve to help their progress and come up with solutions. What is equally important is the benefits that coaching brings to many key topics like talent management, digital transformation programs, diversity and inclusion. 

How does this work for your business? What is the difference between personal and professional coaching?  

What benefits does it bring to employees? What happens when you call a coach? When should you start coaching? Where are we at with coaching in 2021?  

To respond to these questions and all of your questions, we have brought together two experts in this field:  


- François-Xavier Vannini, VP France @ CoachHub  

- Joel B. Vuadens-Chan, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur  


The talk will be moderated by Sarah Huet, Managing Director of the Partech Shaker.  


 Prepare your questions and meet 9.30 AM sharp on Zoom 🎧  

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About the panelists:  


François-Xavier Vannini is VP France at CoachHub. Former Regional Sales Director of Education First, François-Xavier Vannini’s mission is to accelerate activities in the French market, helping CoachHub continue its international expansion. As VP France, his mission is to ensure that Coachhub brings strong value to its clientsespecially the HR managers. 


Joel B. Vuadens-Chan is Executive Coach, Trainer and International Lecturer. Joel has 33 years of international experience with 15 years’ experience leading virtual and physical teams of up to 22 people, and 24 years’ experience as a trainer and communicator.  

Certified by CoachHub, he delivers Executive and Leadership coaching to senior employees around the world.  


About Coachhub:
CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform offering organizations personalized, scalable, and measurable coaching programs for entire workforces. They have over 1,000 coaches in their network, operating in 42 countries across six continents in 30 different languages!  

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