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Partech Shaker

Apr 09 9.30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Collaborating effectively with your designers, with Guillaume Faure, Pelostudio

In April, let’s talk design ! For this Partech Shake and Learn, Guillaume Faure, co-founder of Pelostudio, will share with you the keys to communicate efficiently with your design team. Guillaume indeed knows a whole lot about design: in 2015, with the help of two designer friends, he created Pelostudio, a studio that supports startups in the design and presentation of their products.

Wondering about the best way to be understood by your designers? Thanks to his expertise, Guillaume will give you his best practices to establish a clear and effective communication between managers and designers. Indeed, your designers need to have a clear idea of your project to be able to contribute to it efficiently and with confidence. Guillaume will thus mainly address the issue of the brief, which is an essential starting point for this collaboration. But he will also share the best collaboration tools to put this into practice, as well as the requirements you can establish in terms of deliverables and results.

Finally, Thibault, co-founder of Elevo, a performance management tool, and former customer of Pelostudio, will give you his feedback on the product design process.

Value your designers: they are very precious collaborators! 😉


Please arrive at 9:20 am, as the event will begin at 9:30 am sharp.

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