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Partech Shaker

Nov 27 9.30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Collaborative tools for the scale stage, with FlyTheNest

The Partech Shaker, jointly with FlyTheNest, is organizing a Partech Shake and Learn to discuss scale stage best practices. This stage is without a doubt the most challenging moment, for managers and teams alike.

This stage is very tricky because customer volume is increasing drastically and teams are required to structure reusable practices all the while maintaining initial quality. As startups start tracking their KPIs, it is necessary to distinguish between the employees who really serve the activity and those who report back, often to the VCs. New hires are also increasing, which means continual adaptation.

There remains another challenge: defining the corporate development plan through the anchoring of “build” practices, thus implementing a strategy to think about the future. In this context, and with its expertise after having accompanied more than a hundred scale startups from the pre-scale stage to international hypergrowth, FlyTheNest will lay out its tools to serenely approach the scale stage while keeping the early stage agility and speed.


Please arrive by 9:20, as the event will start at 9:30 sharp.


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