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Partech Shaker

Dec 10 09:30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Fundraising, from Business Angels to VCs: a must?

Media speak about it often: Fundraising for startups seems to have become the norm, an obligatory step for company’s growth, to progress at rapid rate, to verify their MVP and conquer new markets.

However, more and more voices are being raised to say that fundraising is not an end in itself but a simple step and anyway is it really necessary?

Should all companies go through this process? Why fundraising? With whom?

At the start, it is normal to call Business Angels, how do you choose them? Are all Business Angels worth it?

From then on in, how to you prepare yourself for a future which could involve raising yet more funds from VC funds?

Which type of investor do you choose for which strategy?


To answer all these questions and yours too, we have put together a great panel:

Emilie Daversin, Business Angel et co-founder of Vo2 Group et think tank Feminalink by VO2 Group
François Ramin, Associate at AngelSquare, community of 600 investors ;
Lucas Liabeuf, Seed Fund Associate at Partech, Global VC fund.


The talk will be moderated by Sarah Huet, Managing Director of Partech Shaker

⏰ Prepare your questions and meet a 9.30 AM sharp on Zoom 🎧

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