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Partech Shaker

Mar 19 9.30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

How to encourage and promote your employees using meaningful job ladders, with Arnaud Meunier, Partech

Let’s discuss motivation and team management with Arnaud Meunier! For his second Partech Shake and Learn, Arnaud, Entrepreneur-in-residence at Partech and serial entrepreneur (Twitoaster, bought by Twitter, and Hickory), will explore with you the importance of job ladders to motivate (and keep!) your employees.

Arnaud will share his tips on how to make your startup a meritocracy, namely through job ladders, which define different progression levels that are specific to each job function. Indeed, employees can understand progression differently: for example, an engineer does not necessarily dream of eventually becoming a manager!

Thanks to these job ladders, and with clearly defined expectations, employees can anticipate their margin of progress and claim gradual compensation and recognition. This allows for more transparency within the company, especially in the promotion process.


With this workshop, you will learn how to encourage and motivate your team: become an expert in job ladders!


Please arrive by 9:20 am as the event will start at 9:30 am.


If you want to know more about job ladders, here is Arnaud’s article on the topic.




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