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Partech Shaker

Nov 19 09:30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

HR during times of crisis: how to maintain relations and put employees first

Due to the health crisis, lockdown, home working, many of our company’s habits have been turned upside down.

In this context, what do we do to maintain relations with our team, being a founder of a startup, manager, or an employee?

How do we meet again and maintain moments outside of Return of Investment?

How do we keep hold of top-down and bottom-up communication?

How do we work best together remotely?

What about the training of teams and the development of employees in this particular context?

We have assembled a panel of experts to discuss these subjects:

- Violette Mercherz, Director of New Business at Ignition Program,

- Pauline Barnouin, HR Director at Phenix

- Camille Plainfossé, Associate People Partner at Dashlane,

- Maria Santamaria, Head of Human Resources at Lifen

Through a discussion mediated by Sarah Huet, Managing Director of Partech Shaker, they will share the practices developed in their companies: Different sizes and operating in several countries (Europe, USA), the methods may not be the same everywhere.

They will set out also the quick wins which really change (for the best) the way in which we work. Prepare your questions and come to share your ideas with the panel!

Meet at 9.30 sharp on Zoom!


About the panelists:

- Head of New Business & Director of HR at Ignition Program, Violette Mercherz helps startups and scaleups with their professional problems. From training in the form management, mentoring, coaching, seminars, based on softskills and social skills, are all tested and approved in-house at Ignition Program, a company specializing in recruiting and training for startups.

- Camille Plainfossé in Charge of HR at Dashlane in Paris. With nearly 300 employees across Paris, New York and Lisbon, Dashlane's mission is to simplify your online life by grouping your passwords, payment methods and contact information in a single platform that you can manage yourself. Camille joined the Tech ecosystem more than two years ago, after a varied HR career in France and England.

- Committed to the social and environmental movement and to the well-being of everyone at work, Pauline Barnouin is now HR Director at Phenix, a leading startup in the fight against food waste. After working for Accenture and then leboncoin, she helps employees on a daily basis with the goal of making it a joy return to work on Monday mornings! #ThankGodIt'sPhenixMonday

- Maria Camila Santamaria is Head of HR at Lifen. Created in 2015, Lifen offers digital solutions that facilitate cooperation between players in the healthcare system, providing healthcare professionals with simplified access to the data and innovations they need. Maria joined Lifen 2 years ago. They were then a team of 25, it has now risen to 110 employees in 9 cities!

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