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Partech Shaker

Oct 02 12.30 The Shake Lounge meetup Partech Shaker

Improve the focus & adoption of your innovation

Adoption of innovations depends on their ability to persuade people to ‘switch’. Customers don’t just buy a product — they switch from something else. Christian will introduce a simple framework and a quick customer interview technique to help product managers, designers and innovators better leverage the few drivers and blockers that drive sales and churn. It will help you improve the odds customers ‘switch’ your way.

You will learn:

To improve product definition by reframing your competition and requirements through the lens of the customer.

The 4 forces of progress that drive or block people to switch from one product to another: Push, Pull, Anxiety and Habit. By prioritising feature definition on these forces, you can increase the odds that the switch goes your way.

A practical interview technique to uncover these forces and the few important factors that drive customer purchase decisions, insights that most companies never bother to dig up.

Register here, space is limited.

About the speaker: Christian Lafrance brings to his presentations learnings from 14+ years across most parts of the customer experience design lifecycle with a focus on strategy and innovation. He's passionate about the intersection of design and other business disciplines, aka hybrid thinking. Get in touch with Christian at twitter.com/madeinlafrance or au.linkedin.com/in/madeinlafrance/.

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