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Partech Shaker

Mar 15 09.00 AM Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Innovation and risk-taking, a conversation between Bertrand Diard, Influans CEO & Co-founder, & Aurélien Pétreau, professional kitesurfer.

Successful serial entrepreneur, Bertrand Diard is the cofounder of Influans, the editor of a platform that enables brands and distributors to multiply bu thirty the efficiency of its operational marketing, thanks to an ultimate customization enabled by big data and machine learning. Before launching Influans, Bertrand cofounded and managed Talend, one of the biggest open-source editors on the worlds and the third French company to be listed on the Nasdaq.

For an Entrepreneurs Talk dedicated to innovation and risk-taking, Influans chose to invite Aurélien Pétreau, 34 years old and professional kitesurfer, specialized in Big Air and being one of the 15 best riders in the world.

Bertrand and Aurélien will share their experiences as entrepreneur and sportsman regarding innovation, risk-taking, stress management and failure.


To attend the event, click here; you’ll be asked to create a MeetUp account if you don’t have one yet but it takes less than a minute. That’s time well-spent ????


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