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Partech Shaker

Jun 20 9.30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Mastering the art of the associate pact, with Serge Rosenzweig, Founder of SR Avocat

Looking to guarantee your start-up doesn’t fail prematurely? Look no further than the associates’ pact!

For this new Partech Shake and Learn, Serge Rosenzweig, Founder of SR Avocat, and lawyer admitted to both the Paris and New York bar, will teach you how to write a partnership agreement securing the involvement and loyalty of your associates. Bad Leaver, good Leaver, drag along and liquidation preference… you will learn all you need to know!

Serge will also share his best tips on how to secure intellectual property and guarantee that your partners will be fully involved in your project. Last but not least, since this very document, the associates’ pact, is THE fundamental document to negotiate with investors, Serge will give you the keys to build constructive and lasting relationships with them.

To teach you all about the topic, the Partech Shaker will welcome Serge Rosenzweig, an associate pact and fundraising specialist. He will give you the best practices to partner and secure relationships with investors, through a “Bulletproof Associates' Pact”. He will introduce you to that crucial document and will detail the essential clauses that should be included to secure the relationship between all stakeholders in a startup. He will be available to answer any questions and share his experience.


Be there or be square!


Please arrive by 9:20 am, as the event will start at 9:30 sharp.

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