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Partech Shaker

Sep 17 9.30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Networking platforms: the end of traditional employment? with Hunteed

With the rise of networking platforms, new services and concepts are emerging.

Behind these often highly competitive service offerings, there has been a major shift in traditional business models and human resource management.

Indeed, many networking platforms now offer to connect companies with self-employed workers in order to meet their specific needs.

How does that impact traditional wage employment? What role do these digital recruitment platforms currently play?

The Partech Shaker will welcome Sylvie Fleury, CEO & Co-Founder, and Virgil Corbucci, COO of Hunteed, for a Partech Shake and Learn on digital recruitment where they will address these new challenges of online recruitment and networking platforms, as well as sharing her best practices and experience.

Thanks to them, you’ll be a pro when it comes to digital recruitment platforms! 😉

Be there or be square!

Please come by 9:20 am as the event will start at 9:30 am sharp.

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