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Partech Shaker

Jan 30 9:30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Outsourcing your IT development: go/no go? with Dzango, Hiboo & The Machinery

Outsourcing, externalization, service provision, etc. All these notions cover the same reality: having someone from outside the company do a job that you don’t know anything about, way better than you.

For a tech start-up, choosing to outsource development services can be a difficult decision. Some prefer to keep their development in-house, while others won’t hesitate to outsource it. For others, prejudice remains, from the traditional “we’ll do it ourselves”, to the “oh, that’s all you do?”, or even the ghost of bad experiences and wrong providers.

Should a company outsource or hire developers? If so, at what key stage in their life as a startup? How can one choose a service provider without really knowing its expertise? How can one control their work? Should they be included in the decisions? What is the real strategic value of a service provider?

All these questions will be addressed by:
- Olivier Pichon, CTO at dzango tech accelerator
- Charles Bénard, Co-founder & CPO at Hiboo,
- Florent Guyennon of The Machinery

at the next Shake And Learn on January 30th. They will share their experiences, advice and talk about the dos and don’ts of outsourcing.

Prepare your questions and practical cases, and come join them! Dissenting opinions are welcome ;)

Please arrive at 9:20 am, as the event will start at 9:30 am sharp.

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