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Partech Shaker

Nov 26 9:30 am Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Tech vs Management: the role of CTO, with Epsor, Bearer and Ubble

The CTO has a central role in the functioning of a start-up. More than a technical director, they must also be responsible for a team that will grow and evolve: they are like conductors in a particularly changing context. In addition to a passion for technology, they need to have many soft skills and a strategic vision.


Are you curious about the real issues of a CTO? You are a CTO and feel misunderstood? Do you want to discuss recruitment and scalability issues with your peers?


To answer these questions, the Partech Shaker brought together a panel of experts, made of

- Julien Murgey, co-founder and CTO at Epsor, a fintech company specializing in employee savings and retirement,

- Cédric Fabianski, co-founder and CTO at Bearer, an API integration expert for developers,

- and Nicolas Debernardi, co-founder and CTO at Ubble, specializing in digital identity verification.


How can you reconcile the human and purely technical sides of this key role? How does this role evolve as the team grows? How can you effectively recruit junior and senior developers? (Cédric will share his job offer that earned him 900 applications in 10 days: https://blog.bearer.sh/how-we-got-900-applications-on-our-developer-postion/https://blog.bearer.sh/how-we-got-900-applications-on-our-developer-postion/).


All these questions will be answered during this panel: don't hesitate to join us and ask yours to Julien, Cédric and Nicolas!


Please arrive at 9:20 am, as the panel will start at 9:30 am sharp.



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