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Partech Shaker

Apr 11 09.30 AM Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

The 3 key steps of e-commerce: CONVERT

The 3 key steps in e-commerce: whether you sell physical or digital goods, services or subscriptions, via a website or an app', success always requires to understand and optimize these 3 key steps:
- Attract: How to attract more customers, more leads; How to use the different channels available to maximize marketing investments? How to measure their effectiveness?
- Convert: How to turn a prospect into a customer, optimizing the customer experience on all your channels, and eliminating not only superfluous steps but also the smallest useless gestures that limit your customer conversion;
- Retain: How to transform a "one-time" customer into a "lifetime" customer, how to build customer loyalty from product/service delivery to customer service management, return management, claims, NPS measurement, etc.


This session will be dedicated to the step 2: CONVERT.

With Francis Barel, Head of Market Growth at PayPal et Gabriel Leroux, Head of Startup Growth at Braintree.


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