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Partech Shaker

Nov 13 9.30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

Well-being at work with Marie Schneegans, Workwell, Stéphane Bourbier, OurCompany, and Alexandre Jost, La Fabrique Spinoza

The Partech Shaker is organizing a Partech Shake and Learn about well-being at work: this is indeed becoming an increasingly important consideration for talents when deciding to join a company… or to stay! Our discussion panel brings together two entrepreneurs from the field, Marie Schneegans, CEO of Workwell, and Stéphane Bourbier, CEO of OurCompany, as well as the founder of the think tank La Fabrique Spinoza and co-founder of the University of Happiness at Work, Alexandre Jost, as moderator.

How can a company increase the level of well-being and satisfaction of its employees, promoting cohesion and collaboration? Thanks to their personal experience, previous exchanges with human resources and knowledge of wellness solutions, Marie Schneegans and Stéphane Bourbier will put their own definitions of well-being at work in perspective, a sharing with you the best practices, under Alexandre Jost’s benevolent but nonetheless sharp eye.


Please arrive at 9:20, as the panel will start promptly at 9:30.

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