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Partech Shaker

Aug 29 9:30 - 10:30 Cloud 9 meetup Partech Shaker

APIs for Growth Hacking with Ironhack

Learn how to use APIs to accelerate your growth ! Knowing how to tap into these data libraries will enable you to gather large amounts of data, the gold of the 21st century. The applications are incredibly vast : whether you are in sales wishing to expand your prospect list, an entrepreneur looking to improve brand awareness, a student aiming to get a maximum of attendees at your association's event, APIs will save you more time and energy than you could imagine. During this session, they will address the following :

Technical fundamentals of APIs
Best practices and tips to use APIs in the most efficient manner for your growth
The workshop will be taught by one of their teachers, all of which are experts in Javascript web development.

Who are they ?

Ironhack is an international tech school that enables anyone motivated enough to become an actor of the digital revolution. They offer intensive full- and part-time trainings in Web Development and UX/UI Design. They have already been entrusted by 800+ alumni in our 4 campuses (Madrid, Barcelona, Miami and Paris) and corporate partners, including McKinsey and Uber. Their global placement rate is 90% within 3 months after graduation.


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