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As web marketing is becoming more and more important for startup business strategies, Octavio Borda from the Mindad agency shares some efficient tips to optimize your web campaigns.

Why choose web marketing?
Web marketing has many advantages over traditional media, such as TV advertising, radio ads or printed brochures.
- It’s a fast and inexpensive solution to increase your brand awareness and reach a wider audience with minimum investment.
- Its impact is fully quantifiable and optimizable. Web marketing campaigns enable you to achieve better results, by adapting your communications strategy in real time. This is not true for a printed commercial brochure.
Although hiring a dedicated agency for your web marketing campaigns can be quite expensive, it is often the best option to quickly identify the right channel at the lowest price. Once the agency has identified the appropriate solution for your company, you can then choose to run your campaigns in-house. In general, agencies use two different tariff structures:
- CPM (Cost per “mile”): you pay a fixed amount for 1,000 page displays. This is the smart choice to increase your brand awareness;
- CPC (Cost per click): you pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad. This is the best solution to drive revenue. With CPC, as it is in their best interest, the agency is involved in creating your ad.

What are the different web marketing levers?
1- SEO “Search Engine Optimization”: this natural result from an internet user search request on Google is free. A high ranking on Google depends on three main criteria: site loading speed (1 second max), clean code and page structure (make sure that visitors can return to your home page in just one click). Your content must be relevant (avoid including words with no link to your activity just to improve your SEO), not too long and your pages should be grouped by topic. A webpage link to another page is called a backlink. Ensure that all your backlinks relate to your activity.

2- SEA “Search Engine Advertising”: Google digital advertising aims to drive more traffic to your website and increase awareness.

3- Display: a new offer where a 4X3 insert is used to generate visibility, drive more visits to your website and measure returns. The bigger and more animated the insert, the more clicks you will get.

4- Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube are the most popular networks. They can be used to generate brand awareness and to make people talk about you. Make sure you allocate a dedicated budget for successful social media communications.

5- Emailing or mail marketing: direct promotion of a product or service to a group of people using an email list. To fully benefit from this fast and cheap way to reach your target, Octavio recommends the double-dispatch technique. As your tool gets blocked when you have over 10 % of incorrect email addresses, first launch an emailing to your top 100 contacts (friends and family who will definitely open your email). Once your first 100 emails have been successfully sent, then launch the remainder of your emailing.

6- Retargeting /Remarketing: this marketing technique uses banner ads to target your website visitors, once they have left your site. Built on cookies technology, display ads adapted to your visitors’ interest help drive additional sales. Two solutions are available: Google Adworks (CPC) and Critéo (CPM).

7- Affiliation: this marketing technique enables an e-commerce website (Amazon) to increase their revenues via a banner on other non-merchant websites (blog). The host site charges only when a sale has been generated via the banner. In addition, the Amazon banner increases the host site’s visibility through additional traffic and revenue.

8- Native advertising: this editorial advertising format will make your products and services sexier and is a good way to do some story-telling around them. In your text, insert numerous links to your product pages to generate more sales. This method is particularly well adapted to sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate, high tech…The three market leaders are Taboola / Ligatus / Outbrain.

9- Price comparators such as CDiscount, Le Guide, Big deal: Listing your products or services on price comparator websites will increase your website’s visibility.

10- Marketplaces such as La Fnac or CDiscount: listing your products on a Marketplace is very beneficial as it brings you additional customers, while ensuring secure payment managed by the marketplace. But be sure that your customer service is very efficient. For example, if you don’t have enough stock and therefore cannot honor an order, you will be removed from the marketplace.

11- Mobile marketing: this is an effective way of reaching adolescents and boosting impulse sales. The top products sold on mobile apps are: clothing, shoes, train, plane or theater tickets, perfumes and cosmetics. Three options are available: mobile apps, mobile sites and responsive design sites - a website which has identical display, across all devices (computer, iPad, iPhone). The mobile app enables you to talk to your audience directly, while the responsive design site is correctly displayed on all devices. The mobile site should be avoided as it requires the creation of a simplified version of your site.

12- Press relations: although press relations are based mainly on privileged PR relationships, you should be as attractive as possible with clear and simple messaging or story-telling. Prepare some ready-to-publish articles as journalists don’t have time to write articles from scratch and therefore really appreciate content that they can copy and paste directly. Also, prefer video content as it is more easily shared.


What do Google’s advertising solutions offer?

1 / Google Search: Google’s advertising system (Google AdWords) enables companies to display ads on Google and its advertising networks. Sold on CPC.
2/ Google Display Networks: Google displays your ads on the sites that are relevant to your activity, selected from their 3-million partner base.
3 / Gmail Sponsored Promotion: Google mailing solutions featuring an advertiser teaser displayed above your emails. Enables you to run a mailing campaign using Gmail’s targeting capabilities to reach a specific audience among the 425 million Gmail users.
4 / YouTube: The world’s number 2 search engine should not be overlooked as it has many advantages:
- Stronger impact
- Easier to remember for the audience
- Greater virilization - videos tend to be shared 5 times more on social media
- Contributes to driving more traffic to your websites as visitors tend to click on your link once they have seen the videos
- Enables natural referencing
- Attractive price: between 2 and 10 cents per video view



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