Ecosystem Dec 05, 2017

Last day befor DEMO DAY! We asked a few questions to Hugo Domic, founder of POMP. Discover this French startup part of the 2017 Techstars Paris program!


1. What are the main objectives/goals of Pomp Fuel?
Our main objective is to make gas stations a thing of the past, especially by providing the best service to all our clients and reaching as many regions as possible. We strive to be the European Leader in our sector.


2. How did the idea of Pomp Fuel come up?

The idea originated from a personal experience. I rented a car with a stipulation in the contract to return it with a full tank in order to avoid extra fees. After searching for a gas station for 30min, out of frustration I gave up and paid the extra fees at the rental agency. It occurred to me that it would be so much more convenient if we could just order a fill-up where we are instead of driving endlessly searching, and so POMP was born.


3. Did you encounter any specific struggles as an entrepreneur? What kind of obstacles have you had to overcome?

Since we were creating a totally new way to distribute fuel, we first had to have a perfect understanding of the regulation in order to build our technical solution and setup our service. After that came the technical development for which we had to find the best partners that were going to be able to meet our requirements and specifications. Given our activity, incredulity was a common first obstacle, but this tends to completely disappear in time.


4. What drove you to apply to Techstars Paris accelerator program?

It's Techstars! We had to be part of this amazing ecosystem, furthermore Techstars is a great program for our stage. We started delivering fuel in January and are rapidly growing. The Paris program appeared to us to be happening at the perfect moment to expose ourselves to very qualified feedback as well as offering a vast network to help us scale and grow in the best conditions.


5. You created your startup in Paris. What changes have you encountered since you moved to the Partech Shaker for the Techstars program?

When you are developing your startup 24/7 it is easy to find yourself stuck in a bubble. The daily exchanges/feedbacks loops are your team members, advisors, investors and clients. Since we arrived at the Partech Shaker we now have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs and the Techstars team on a daily basis, which acts as a catalyst to keeping our minds open and our ideas fresh.


Thank you Hugo and good luck for the DEMO DAY!


To know more about Pomp, check their website or follow them on Twitter!


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