Ecosystem Nov 29, 2017

We continue our series of founders' interviews with Joao Cardoso, the CEO of Lovys. Lovys is part of the 10 startups participating in the Paris Techstars program.


1.Please explain your business.

Lovys is an all-in-one insurance provider, 100% digital. We want to revolutionize the experience customers have with insurance. With Lovys, you can now register and insure individual items that you choose through a personalized, simple and transparent interface. You know exactly what you are paying for and manage directly your policies & claim processes within seconds.
We came to the realization that old-fashioned distribution of insurance is broken. We are reinventing the way people interact with insurance in the same way that Netflix, Spotify or Deliveroo did in their sectors: easily create your own digital insurance account, choose what is important for you to protect and pay through a single monthly subscription.


2.What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I founded two startups in Brazil: TaCerto, which is an insurance comparison website that has sold more than €10 million, and VisionX, a platform for home insurance targeting real estate agencies with over 500 agencies onboarded. Building profitable companies abroad was a big challenge and I am proud of what we accomplished there. Now, our goal is to redesign the insurance product and user experience with Lovys in France.


3.About you, how did you become a founder?

I jumped into entrepreneurship so I could experience the total process of “creation”. I enjoy having the freedom to set my own challenges and choose my own direction. Being a founder gives me the opportunity to develop innovative digital projects and meet a lot of diverse and impactful people in both my professional and personal lives. What I particularly find interesting is building killer teams and managing them in a way that everybody shares the same desire to succeed.


4.What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

Most founders have to take difficult decisions. One of the hardest I had to take was to restructure one of the companies in Brazil and see the process through in order to adjust our profitability in a collapsing Brazilian economy. It also challenged my capacity to keep people motivated in a really tough environment and context.


5.What do you like about having your startup currently in Paris, at the Partech Shaker?

We chose to settle in Paris for several reasons. First, the gap between current user experience and Lovys added-value for customers made France the best market to begin with in Europe. France is a great Launchpad for the rest of Europe. In terms of ecosystem, we can also feel that Paris is the place to be right now and the people at Partech Shaker some of the best to work with. The Partech Shaker is definitively helping us in our growth ambitions. Being part of Techstars acceleration program brought enormous opportunities by connecting Lovys to lots of local investors, industry partners and other startups.


Thank you Joao for your time! We wish you good luck for the upcoming Techstars DemoDay!


To know more about Lovys, check their website.


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