Ecosystem Jan 05, 2018

For 3 years, LineUP7 was a resident startup of the Partech Shaker. During this time, the team grew from 3 to 40 team members. Olivier Guyomard shares his experience and advice on how to manage rapid growth.

1. Olivier, can you explain what LineUP7 does?

LineUP7 is a technology marketing agency. which collects, and customizes data to service new marketing challenges. ’Convergence’ is a keyword that might best describe LineUP7 – an integration of data jobs, tech and marketing, CRM and digital, tech and creativity, to name just a few of our domains. In short, we are interested in anything and everything that helps advertisers develop more highly performing and personally tailored marketing strategies and brand experiences.


2. Would you care to tell us a bit more about yourself? You studied engineering and then worked as a consultant. What inspired you to create your own business?

After graduating as an engineer at ESIEA, I started my career in an IT services company to implement cross-channels marketing information systems.
After 8 years at Business & Decision, I joined: Velvet Consulting – an agency that creates a business unit specialized in campaigns management.
These rich and diverse experiences gave me solid client-oriented technological and business expertise, and a strong proficiency in omnichannel marketing campaign management and global marketing devices.
My background also enabled me to create a company across all of these industries that unites tech, business, data and content to improve marketing performance.
Committed to the values of pragmatism and simplicity, I am convinced that strategy and implementation cannot be separated and that the right approach is to permanently and consistently evaluate the results.


3. When you first arrived at the Partech Shaker 3 years ago, you were 3 entrepreneurs with a vision. Now you manage a 40-people team. What have you learned about managing such rapid growth? What are the mistakes to avoid, the quick-wins you would recommend?

- Stay close to your team: remain available and accessible while at the same time entrusting middle management to lead teams and projects on a day to day basis. You have to be able to rely on leaders to sustain such a growth.
- A mistake to avoid: wanting to be everywhere! It is not always easy to delegate as your business grows and to switch from the “start-up creator” mode with several roles to boss of a company / talents’ manager.
- We are on a tight market in terms of expertise: candidates are too few on the data and tech market in relation to a growing demand. As soon as we started, we chose a HR strategy to recruit and train junior profiles, helping them develop their skills within the framework of our work method, requirements and values.


4. About the Partech Shaker, what advantages did working from the campus provide to you? Why is it an appropriate time to leave the campus and get your “own” office space?

To have the opportunity to start our adventure at the Partech Shaker was a fortunate advantage for the agency.
At first, it kept us from feeling isolated (which is often the case when you launch a start-up with 4 or 5 in a small office). And very soon, we started enjoy a stimulating and creative environment, that really accompanied our development.
Meeting with other startups was very important not only to share our common experiences, but for some they were also the doorway for real business partnerships that endure today, like with Serenytics or Influans.
We also met large companies and partners of the Shaker, quite early in our development, and this helped in making sure we stay in tune with what the market is looking for.
Finally, this enabled us to enjoy an office management turnkey solution, at a time when we were not yet at critical size. And it really helped us staying focused on our projects.
Once we were 40 people, it was time for us to take our independence! Our goal is to reach 75 people at the end of 2018, so we had to find a place that will accommodate this ramp-up. We also wanted to create our own universe and imagine other ways to work together.


5. Finally, Olivier, what's the most important thing you're working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Our next challenge: develop abroad! We are currently working on international projects to extend our reach from France, for L’Oréal, Transdev or RCI Banque.
We now want to go even further and open offices abroad with the support of our partners and have more Lineupers all through Europe. Our first target : Spain.


Thank you Olivier and we wish all the best to LineUP7!
To know more about LineUP7, check their website or follow them on Twitter!

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