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Partech Shaker

Design R&D / IT Oct 30, 2018

*About you*
– Tarot Analytics is looking for a graduate/junior-ish Python or JS dev to join their team full time in Paris.
– You are currently a frontend or backend dev, but they need you to quickly grow to full stack and start managing their remote dev team.
– They want you to at least be “interested” in business, understanding client needs etc, they don’t want a “mindless” dev.
– You are ambitious, proactive, and can teach yourself.


*About the Startup*

Tarot is a 2.5-year-old Australian startup http://tarotanalytics.com with a few large clients. They won a startup competition to move the company to France, so they’ve been living here since February 2017, and are now based in Paris at one of the world’s best reputed accelerators.


You will have access to:
– Their frontend dev (Javascript + React expert, MapBox guru, Data visualisation wizz)
– Their backend dev (Python + Sqlalchemy dev with lots of experience in MANY back and frontend languages)
– The team (Python + Sqlalchemy + Falcon expert, solid aws + docker + linux + nginx devops experience, and optimisation algorithms expert)

They don’t just WANT you to learn. They NEED you to learn, so the team will be available to help you.
If you’re the right person, you WILL very soon be managing a team and learning many new (modern!) programming skills from experts.


*Products you’ll work on*
– The flagship SaaS route optimisation product http://tarotrouting.com
– Custom web apps based around delivering their optimisation algorithms to medium size and enterprise clients. (They have one of the worlds biggest household name brands on a custom webb app)


– A pretty solid base in EITHER Python+SQLAlchemy OR in Javascript+React
– Desire to learn whichever one you don’t know
– Desire to learn devops
– Desire to become a software architech or CTO
– An attitude of continuous learning
– Business Saviness
– Based in Paris
– Decent English
Note: Attitude and drive are more important than experience.


*Wish List* (You don’t have to have these, but the more the better)
– BOTH Python+SQLAlchemy AND Javascript+React
– Dev ops experience
– AWS, Docker, Linux experience
– Worked on production web apps
– Be a “software architect” (or at least a budding software architect)
– Be interested in startups or optimisation algorithms or something that motivates/excites you when you’re working on our products.


*The type of work you’ll be doing*
– add many new features, integrate with geocoding APIs, their distance matrix server, their route optimisation API, creating a developer API portal etc for their flagship product
– develop, upgrade and maintain their custom products (for example: one has to do with optimising beef purchases for fast food in the USA. One has to do with analysing geographical risks in mortgage backed securities investments in Australia. One has to do with customising lenses for optometrists … etc.)
– build new custom products
– work with the development team
– work with the founders
– be trusted and have the autonomy to make a lot of software design decisions. They are not interested (and don’t have the time) to micro-manage you.
– write good quality code, including tests.


Python, Javascript, SQLAlchemy, Docker, React.js, AWS

€35k – €45k
0.5% – 2.5%

Visa Sponsorship


Why YOU should work with them:
– They are currently in Techstars Paris
– Two fun Australian Founders (living in Paris)
– Serious career opportunities, they want you managing their dev team ASAP.
– Huuuge opportunity to learn (like.. they NEED you to) about DevOps, and the half of the stack that you don’t know yet, whatever cool tech you believe is relevant to the startup, and Optimisation Algorithms if you want!
– You “get in” to the startup really early. They only have a few clients, but they’re big. You will be the first full time employee, and will help manage their team of remote freelance devs


*About the founders*
“We’re two Australian guys in our late 20s who went to high school and university together, worked in finance and enterprise software solutions, then founded a startup. We have worked with a lot of freelancers, so we know how it works. I’m a developer, so you don’t have to report to a non-technical person. We’re very relaxed people, but we always deliver on time and to a high standard. Our products do mathematically complex things behind the scenes, but UX is always at the top of our priority list.

We both like skiing a lot. Simon is a huge rugby and F1 fan. I’ve done karate my whole life. Simon can surf. I can speak French. We’re friendly, but also very driven. We like to work with people who are eager-to-learn and eager-to-contribute, and we want to give you the opportunity to build cool stuff using all the cool tech you want to try out!”


You can apply here.


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