Residents Oct 21, 2014

Jean-Gabriel Niel, Kantox France tells you why Kantox chose to work from the Partech Shaker 

Why did you choose to join the Partech Shaker?

The Partech Shaker represents a very good opportunity for Kantox to quickly establish a physical presence in France, which is our second biggest market in Europe. Moreover, it is exciting to be working among a lot of other fast-growing startups and this also generates an interesting networking potential. Lastly, the building is awesome with its huge terrace and the neighborhood is perfect as it is very central to move around Paris when meeting clients.

Can you describe your product / service?

Kantox is a pioneering firm in the foreign exchange industry which has developed an online marketplace to allow clients to convert foreign currencies and make international payments in a simple, transparent and cost-effective way. Our clients can buy or sell 30+ currencies in spot or forward transactions. On average, they are saving 1,5% per transaction when using Kantox for currency conversions instead of their bank.

Which startup are you eager to talk to at the Partech Shaker?

We are eager to talk to all of the startups which are expanding internationally to help them deal with the management of their foreign currencies.

Which event would you dream to attend at the Partech Shaker?

A breakfast with the CEOs of all the French banks!

Which cocktail would your startup be?

Vodka on the rocks: Like Kantox, it is transparent, simple and cheaper than the other options on the menu.