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Register to the webinar on effective PR strategies for startups

Wrap-up of the parenting webinar

The pyschology of founders who win in downturns

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Productivty tips for Fridays


Effective PR strategies for startups

We see it all the time : a startup has raised funds and wants people to know about it in the press in order to hire team members or gain new users/customers. 

What steps should be taken to reach your objectives in terms of communication and business? When is the right time to do itWhat should you communicate besides fundraisingWhat about hiring a PR agency? How do you contact journalists? 

There are smany aspects that startups’ founders often overlook because they lack
the time, ressources or experience. 

To help you overcome the challenge of press relations, we have invited two experts: 

Géraldine Russell, journalist at Maddyness 

Joanna KirkJKPR founder 

 Isabelle Tresson, in charge of communication at Partechwill moderate the talk and share her experience on the VC side. 

Join us for a session full of tips and real life examples!

The event will be held online.


The wrap-up from our webinar about being a parent and an entrepreneur

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenting: how to be successful in both? We hosted Antoine Reure from Alan, Julien Niquet from Epsor and Eugénie Chaltiel from High Flyers

Not to worry, we created a wrap-up which is full of all the advice, tips and tricks that was discussed during this interesting talk!
It's here!


About The psychology of founders

"After spending years focused on driving exponential growth, it’s typically hard to imagine the flip side, particularly for #Founders, who need to be optimistic by nature."
"You, like all other Founders, will need to go through the 5 stages of grief, and out into creativity once again"

With the Covid19 situation & the lockdown, founders can find it is a difficult time. Maybe you should read this blogpost by James Currier of VC firm NFX to understand what's going on in your mind and how to find creativity again:
"The Psychology of Founders Who Win in Downturns"

Read it here.


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Our Partech Shake and Learn Talks welcome experienced entrepreneurs or experts on a specific topic.

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Planning to be more productive?

Everybody loves Fridays. But how to make sure you use them to its full potential?

Read these tips on how to be more productive on Fridays. And implement them!