Ecosystem Jan 22, 2019


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Our Meetup Group

Jobs at the Partech Shaker

Productivty tips for Fridays


Join us a for a Partech Shake and Learn session about BSPCE!

We are pleased to welcome a panel of experts on the various issues related to employee ownership. Find more info here.

And register on Meetup to this Partech Shake and Learn about BSPCE.




Join us a for our Partech Shake and Learn sessions!

Our Partech Shake and Learn Talks welcome experienced entrepreneurs or experts on a specific topic.

Check out our Meetup Group, register and get an alert for every talk we organize and join 4300+ #tech professionals!

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Planning to be more productive?

Everybody loves Fridays. But how to make sure you use them to its full potential?

Read these tips on how to be more productive on Fridays. And implement them!