Residents Oct 21, 2014

Nicolas Rasamimanana, founder & CEO of Phonotonic, about the Partech Shaker

Why did you choose to join the Partech Shaker?

It is the perfect place to meet successful entrepreneurs, high-growth companies, key actors of innovation. In a nutshell it is the perfect place to build up our startup Phonotonic.

Can you describe your product / service?

Phonotonic, a smart object that turns movement into music. Control the beat and melody intuitively just by moving with Phonotonic. It is a unique musical experience for would-be musicians who can’t play instruments and for seasoned players, performers and dancers looking for something fresh. Don't play music, be music!

Which startup are you eager to talk to at the Partech Shaker?

Dreem, we are neighbors, it should happen soon!

Which event would you dream to attend at the Partech Shaker?

Gathering all the Partech startups for a networking event. Or the down to earth answer, our product launch in December. Or better, a combination of the two.

Which cocktail would your startup be?

Not a cocktail, but definitely an Islay Whisky, e.g. Port Ellen for its elaborate, evolving flavors.