Residents Oct 21, 2014

Rémi Bardoux, founder of Pikichat, tells us why he chose to work from the Partech Shaker

Why did you choose to join the Partech Shaker?

We totally fell in love with the Partech Shaker. It is like a coworking place with lots of very interesting people facing the same problem than us, but we have our own office here. Moreover, the rooftop is a very (very) attractive feature!

Can you describe your product / service?

With Pikichat, join you friends groups and discuss in pictures! Pikichat is only available on iOs for the moment :

Which startup are you eager to talk to at the Partech Shaker?


Which event would you dream to attend at the Partech Shaker?

The Partech Shaker opening Party!

Which cocktail would your startup be?

Jägerbomb : A fun cocktail to share with friends that gives you lots of energy