Residents Jan 04, 2022

New year, new resident interview! After Startup Palace and Collectivfood, and kicking off our resident interviews for 2022 is Loeiz Bourdic, Managing Director of France at PropTech startup Pricehubble.

Quickfire start:  Can you sell PriceHubble to me in just one sentence? 

Founded in Switzerland 2016, Loeiz succinctly explains that “PriceHubble is a PropTech company, set to radically improve the transparency of real estate markets, thanks to its data & AI-driven solutions for real estate professionals (institutional investors, developers, banks or realtors).” 

For those unfamiliar, PropTech is a fairly new term that is used to describe startups offering innovative tech solutions or new business models for the real estate market. It’s a term whose usage has positively exploded over the past few years. 🏡 

Tell us more about your role at PriceHubble? 

“As Managing Director of PriceHubble France, I am very involved with the management of the French business development and sales teams. I also liaise on a daily basis with other PriceHubble teams (marketing, communication, product, data) to make sure that our state-of-the-art solutions fit perfectly with the French market.” 

What does a usual week-in-the-life look like for you? 

With 150 employees (or ‘Hubblers’, as they call themselves!) in total, 40 of whom are based in Paris, Loeiz admits that his days are often extremely full. 

“My weeks are packed with streamlining efficient processes to cope with the business challenges of a fast-growing scaleup, meetings with partners and clients, as well as with PriceHubble teams to decide on the roadmap of our future product development.” 

How did you come to work at PriceHubble? 

“I’m an engineer and economist by training and have always been fascinated by how a complex system like a city is structured and evolves.” Loeiz says. “So working in real estate was the perfect turf to start my career!” 

While working various jobs in this field, by chance, he came to meet PriceHubble’s founders, Stefan & Markus. 

“The rest is history.” Loeiz tells us. They quickly decided to join efforts, working together to launch PriceHubble activities in France. This marked PriceHubble’s first international move, and since then, they have now rolled out to a hugely impressive 9 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. However, they are not only present in Europe, but also in Japan too!  

PriceHubble have no plans to stop the adventure there though, as Loeiz finishes with telling us that “we plan to roll out to many others!”. 

What part of your job do you find most interesting? 

Loeiz begins by explaining his feelings that today on the market, many players are quick to refer to big data, artificial intelligence and digital, but without really showcasing what goes on behind those words. 

“I like the fact that at PriceHubble we get to show every day to our clients how those words can have a significant impact on their daily business: ship top notch real estate customer journeys for their end customers or run due diligence on portfolios of thousands of properties within the blink of an eye”.  

But it’s not just PriceHubble’s jargon-busting and market-disrupting raison d’être that entices Loeiz, as he tells us: “I also really enjoy working within such an agile environment. We never stop learning from our clients or colleagues, and we always want to push harder to deliver products that are not yet existing on the market, that really make a difference for end users.” 💪 

PriceHubble is present in an astounding 9 markets. How different are these markets in terms of real estate? Do you have to take a completely different approach depending on the country? 

Our instinct was correct, Loeiz agrees, saying “We do! All our markets are very specific in terms of available datasets, client segments maturity and competitors.”  

“But beyond these differences, the core of our business model is to build one product and scale it in all our countries, from France to Japan or Slovakia.” 🌎 

Congratulations on the recent $34M raise! Can you tell us more about what this means for the future of PriceHubble? 

For background, in July 2021, PriceHubble closed their strongly oversubscribed Series B funding round, having already developed a customer base of over 800 companies! 

“This raise means better products, more countries and more Hubblers! This round will help us further accelerate our international expansion, recruit the talents we need, and keep building our solutions to serve our current and future customers even better.” 

Why the Partech Shaker as home? 

“Obvious reasons are its amazing location in Sentier, its bright workspace for the team, its best 360° rooftop view over Paris, and the countless number of food places around. Special kudos to Les Petits Rolls, right in front of the Shaker. Their food is the 101 definition of “comfy French food”. Beyond great.”  

“We also really enjoyed the excellent connection with the Shaker’s team from the get-go. Our daily interactions, especially Bénédicte and Gilles,” Loeiz says, our COO at the Partech Shaker, and our Site Manager respectively.  

“There is always someone to help us out whenever we need. Fun fact: we even got to shoot an interview for a national TV channel, BFM TV, on the Shaker’s rooftop!” 

Thank you so much to Loeiz for taking the time to give us some insight into PriceHubble, their aims, and a peek into the future of the company. 

🏡 If you’re interested in finding out more about PriceHubble’s innovative PropTech solution, check out their website here... 

👉 Read all about their recent $34M Series B raise here