Residents Oct 21, 2014

Arthur Waller, founding partner at PriceMatch tells us more about his startup and the Partech Shaker 

Why did you choose to join the Partech Shaker?

We decided to join the Partech Shaker for two main reasons:
1- being surrounded by other start-ups. That challenges you, creates a dynamic of success, lets you share your mutual challenges etc..

2- having a flexible offer for office space where you can focus on growing the business without caring about the rest that usually defocuses you.

Can you describe your product / service?

PriceMatch helps hotels sell their rooms at the optimal rate. We use historical data from hotels and also big data we find out there (competitors prices, events, weather forecasts, flight prices,...). We leverage advanced econometric tools to forecast future demand and recommend optimal selling price.

Which startup are you eager to talk to at the Partech Shaker?


Which event would you dream to attend at the Partech Shaker?

Our Equip'Hotel Party on the rooftop in November.

Which cocktail would your startup be?

Pina Colada: smooth and hot at the same time.