Residents Oct 21, 2014

Cédric Giorgi, Head of Startup Relations, tells you why Sigfox chose to work from the Partech Shaker 

Why did you choose to join the Partech Shaker?

SIGFOX HQ is located in Toulouse, so we're only a few members of the team to be based in Paris. We decided to join the Partech Shaker to be in an environment full of startups, of energy, and of potential connections. Also, we know the Partech Shaker will be a must-visit place for internationals coming to Paris. Of course, the roof top was the cherry on the cake for us, perfect for important meetings and meetups.

Can you describe your product / service?

SIGFOX is building a wireless network for the Internet of Things. SIGFOX is and easy-to-install, economical and energy-efficient solution, perfectly adapted to have connected objects send small messages.

Which startup are you eager to talk to at the Partech Shaker?

We love startups active in the IoT sector of course, such as Phonotonic or DREEM. But we're also happy to meet with startups who have international ambition and activities.

Which event would you dream to attend at the Partech Shaker?

Any kind of masterclass done by inspiring international startups visiting Paris.

Which cocktail would your startup be?

A Ti'Punch, because it's a small one, requiring few energy to produce, the same as SIGFOX connectivity.