Ecosystem Mar 20, 2017

Welcome Techstars Paris!

We’re thrilled to announce that Techstars chose the Partech Shaker to launch Techstars Paris, its first accelerator program in France.
The arrival of one of the most successful startup accelerator players at the Partech Shaker marks a step forward in its journey to help entrepreneurs grow.
Techstars is one of the best accelerator programs in the world with an impressive track record of more than 1000 accelerated companies. Created in 2006 in the United States, Techstars is presently running more than twenty programs worldwide, inside and outside the US (in cities including Cape Town, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and now… Paris!)
Techstars has built its success on its highly effective 3-month mentorship-driven program and its renowned ecosystem of founders, mentors, investors and corporate partners who work together to support the pace of startup development. Uber, SendGrid, Twilio, Sketchfab and Simply Measured are amongst the famous brands that Techstars has helped accelerate.


A booster for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem

Since its inception by the French pioneer NUMA (through a program then called Le Camping) six years ago, the French accelerator market has grown significantly, with an increasing number of players such as Paris Pionnière, L’Accélérateur, Microsoft Accelerator or the Paris & Co accelerators and incubators. More and more large companies also joined the startup acceleration adventure either sponsoring acceleration programs or launching their own, with more or less success … and diverse objectives!
Techstars has been working closely with a lot of French entrepreneurs and founders in the last 10 years. Since they launched their first international Startup Weekend in Paris in 2010, they have witnessed Paris’ thriving and exciting startup ecosystem with amazing access to capital and mentors. There are also a number of French companies in Techstars’ portfolio like Babbler, Infinit, Qunb, Doctrackr, Placemeter, Sketchfab, Leka, Zenchef and Wynd.
Now operating directly from Paris, Techstars will further boost the French accelerator market, for the benefit of French entrepreneurs!
Another benefit of Techstars’ expansion into France is linked to its ability to attract international entrepreneurs to France through its powerful brand and its worldwide network and industry-wide reputation. Previously, the French government had taken concrete measures to encourage foreign startups to set up in France, such as the public initiative “La French Tech” and the Partech Shaker was the first private player to launch a program specifically designed to help “non-French” startups conquer the European market from Paris in April 2016.


Techstars & the Partech Shaker: a perfect match

Techstars’ choice of the Partech Shaker to launch their activity in France is an appreciated testimony of its growing attractivity amongst global startups. Thanks to the international dimension of its network of startups and partners and its strong local presence as a campus for growth through collaboration, the Partech Shaker has become a key player in the French Tech scene.
The arrival of Techstars Paris marks an additional step in Partech Shaker’s ambition to become the most international place for tech startups in Paris. As a subsidiary of the international VC firm Partech Ventures, being able to welcome global players and help them conquer the French & European markets has always been one of its top priorities. The Partech Shaker hosts the EMEA teams of American startups such as Dropbox, Pinterest, Hired or Etsy as well as the French teams of European startups such as Kantox and The launch of the “Europe Made Easy” program last year was only a first step to take on a more global dimension. Designed to help overseas tech businesses enter the European market, this program provides them with a relevant and curated network of experts able to help them succeed in launching their operations in Paris to conquer the whole of Europe!
The arrival of Techstars also perfectly embodies Partech Shaker’s ambition to always improve the way it supports tech entrepreneurs as well as the way it helps large companies handle the challenges of their digital transformation. Partech Shaker and Techstars share many values, the first of them being to put the success of entrepreneurs we work with as our top priority. At Techstars, all partners and mentors engaged alongside a startup share a common objective: help them grow their business, however long it takes. We share this primary focus on entrepreneurs and this common point was crucial for both parties.
The first batch of startups of the Techstars Paris program will land at the Partech Shaker next September. Don’t miss your chance to join one of the most successful accelerator programs in the world, applications are open! And if you want to conquer the European market, contact the Partech Shaker to know more about Europe Made Easy!


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