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As one of the most influential consumer touch points today, mobile apps offer businesses unprecedented insight into the behavior and preferences of their customers. The successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that understand the need to put their mobile approach at the heart of their digital strategy. Baptiste Carrère, Business Development Manager at App Annie, the leading app intelligence platform, gave the audience tips and reflexes for creating their app.


App Annie delivers trusted data and insights that can help guide your decision-making through the key stages of your app business strategy. During this session, Baptiste Carrère focused on three main aspects: Discover – Strategize – Acquire.

Quiz - How many apps do we use in a month?
We use 32 apps per month but on a recurrent basis. The average on a daily basis is between 9 and 12 (social media, news, GPS, banking apps...)

1 – DISCOVER – Gain valuable competitive and market insight across app downloads, revenue, usage, engagement and advertising metrics.
The first step is to understand your market, identify the top 10 apps in your industry and define what needs to be done to be one of these top 10 players. You will soon figure out that the biggest progression in app stores often doesn’t come from the top 10 players but from lesser known sources, as 40,000 new apps arrive in the store each month.
The first step to getting to the top 10 is to look at the following:
- What category am I going to be positioned in?
- What do I need to do to gain more visibility?
- Which apps are progressing the fastest?

At App Annie, we propose a feature that helps you to reorganize your chart and monitor progression within a specific period of time. For example, in the food industry during the period we’re looking at now, Run Tasty demonstrates the fastest growth. On top of this, we can see this is a new app that got launched during the period as the volume of downloads in progression compared to last period is the same as the volume made during the period. You need to identify the movers and shakers in your industry, as well as what they are doing to achieve their progression.

In a mature economy, the ultimate objective is, on top of getting a growing number of downloads, to engage and retain your existing customers. In fact, in a mature economy, people tend to download fewer and fewer apps, while developing countries such as Latin America are encountering a download boom. They stand where we were 5 years ago compared to France. Today, if we download an app, it’s probably because it’s been recommended to us by friends, colleagues or family. So, what you need to do is to increase app stickiness to engage users more and hence increase revenue.

At App Annie, we offer different kinds of customer behavior metrics which will help you answer different kinds of questions such as:
- Why do my competitors have a better usage penetration rate than me, even though they are getting less downloads?
- What are the services, features that they propose in their apps that help make them more successful?

By studying the macro sides of the market, you get more micro answers. This is all about creating awareness and managing your expectations. For example, if you launch a geo-localization app, you need to offer your users convenience and ease of use. So, you need to identify the technology that consumes the least data while offering the best satisfaction to your customer. You need to listen to the users voice.


Determine your app’s successes and failures
If you need to teach users how to use your app, you have failed already! You need to adapt your app navigation to your users. This is a big challenge, for start-ups and large groups alike. You need to continuously optimize your benchmark with your direct competitors all year long, as the market landscape changes fast and you can quickly be disrupted by new actors.
The French banking sector is a good example. In addition to traditional banking actors, we are witnessing the birth of a booming new fintech industry. Bankin is a bank account aggregator app. Last Summer, 40 % of Bankin users didn’t have several bank accounts but only one! This means that these users are coming to Bankin not because they are a bank account aggregator, but because they are a better app to manage bank accounts than traditional banking apps. Bankin gets more downloads than a traditional bank because they offer services such as transfer and bank loan simulation They are transforming how we manage our financial operations and this is a big challenge for traditional bank players.


2 – STRATEGIZE – Drive your business forward by identifying the right partners, determining the best markets for expansion and more.
To create a sticky app, you need to understand the features and services that engage and retain your users the most. For example, do you think that touch ID is a good feature in the banking sector? A lot of people are worried about it for security reasons, but this will become the natural way to consume over time. If you are in the underground and you need to check your bank account, touch ID is more convenient and safer than entering your codes in public! Touch ID is a successful feature for an app: it is easy to use and convenient, particularly for mobility purposes.
What we see at App Annie is that innovation isn’t coming from France. To be the first to introduce an innovative feature to your app, you need to watch markets such as China, the US or other dynamic app markets.

How to discover features for your app
When looking at downloads, you need to look at peaks. They can occur for two generic reasons: an app update or a marketing campaign. At App Annie, we will tell you the reason for the increase in downloads. We help you to understand if this is due to the introduction of a new feature or the change in the icon or app description.

The app economy is the most volatile economy since the launch of the internet and the users are very volatile too. So, if you don’t give users what they want, they will leave. You need to find out how to prioritize your app updates and features so that users won’t go to the competition. Remember that users aren’t always loyal to a brand or an app. If they encounter friction when using it, they will leave. With App Annie, you can screen all the reviews and ratings left on an app since its launch and filter them, per country, per key word…So you can prioritize and develop the feature that will best retain your users.


3 – ACQUIRE – Boost organic and paid mobile user acquisition results by enhancing your app store optimization and maximizing advertising expenditure
Stand out from the million of apps that are available in the app store: this is one of your biggest challenges. ASO (Application Store Optimization) will help you improve the visibility of your app using key words that will make the app findable in the app store. 63 % of Android downloads originate from searches in the app store. So, you need to identify the key words that will take users to your app. App Annie can help you as we have designed a specific ASO tool that helps you monitor key word popularity and difficulty, based on key word search metrics. We help you look at discovery (can users find me?) and conversion (will they download me?).


The starting point is the following:
- Where am I today?
- How do people find me?
- What key words work best for me?
You need to monitor your key words week by week, day by day in order to brainstorm and continuously optimize them.

For example, Hopper (travel app) achieves 93 % of its downloads based on branded key words. Kayak only generates 37 % of their download through their brand. Why is this? Because they diversify the key words used to find them, studying more generic keywords, plus the ones used by their competitors.

You can maximize your visibility by using your branding but also by studying your competitors. This is how you are going to be more findable in the app store. ASO is to an  app what the placement or location on a shelf could be for a product in a supermarket. If the packaging (reviews and ratings associated to the app) is not the one that suits you and the product not well positioned on the shelf, you will probably choose another product. Today, another important element is ratings and reviews, as everybody checks them, so don’t ignore them.

Conclusion: You should be looking at all of these tips when developing your business strategy. At App Annie, we can help you engage and retain users and study monetization models so that you can adapt to your specific market.
About Baptiste Carrère:
Baptiste Carrère is a member of the App Annie South Europe team helping companies to understand and appreciate the massive opportunities presented by the growing mobile app economy. Working with clients across many different verticals, he has built up a deep understanding of the various different challenges within the fiercely competitive mobile environment. Baptiste’s insight allows him to advise clients on the best mobile approach to adopt and how each of their businesses can flourish by ultimately delivering a better customer experience through an app.


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